James D. Ford on LinkedIn: "Blue Ocean Law Group have...

Blue Ocean Law Group have introduced "interactive hyperlinked buttons" in our email correspondence. The buttons (which are self-explanatory) have be...

Legal Billing Software - Free Trial

Headnote is the #1 legal billing software. Designed by attorneys for attorneys that want a SIMPLE, easy-to-use solution for invoicing, accepting online payment and automating their engagement and collection processes.

9 Steps to Better Billing (Infographic) | Rocket Matter

Follow the nine steps outlined in this infographic, and you'll be on your way to better client service and higher profits in no time.

Collect Call: The Best Way to Handle Accounts Receivable is to Eliminate Them

Dealing with accounts receivable is tough for lawyers. Here are some ways to make sure you spend your time being a lawyer rather than a debt collector.

Does Square offer in-house financing for my customers to purchase my inventory?

I sell ATV's, Snowmobiles and Small Engines and have customers asking all the time if I finance? Does Square offer this as an option for my customers or do I need to out source it? Thanks

Collection of Attorney Fees as a Practice Area

I treat attorney fee collections the same as any other type of collection. The first step is a review of the contract (or whatever the attorney may have titled it), invoices, correspondence, etc. Generally, I do not recommend suing on an oral attorney fee agreement as the chances of prevailing do not warrant the risk involved.