6 Tips For Sending Your Email Newsletter At The Right Time

I set out to find when the best time to send an email newsletter is by signing up for 100 different newsletters and recording all of their send times.

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Effective Email Marketing for Lawyers, Part One: The Basics - Attorney at Work

How many emails do you usually delete having read no more than the "from" line? Has your fear of adding to that in-box clutter—and recipiant irritation—kept you from including email in your marketing plans? Well, the truth is that there are lawyers using email as a very powerful marketing tool with absolutely no offense. Done right, email marketing beats almost all possible ways to deliver a targeted message to a receptive audience. . .

5 Signs it’s Time for an Email Marketing Makeover

Are your email marketing campaigns not converting? See what steps to take to start improving open, click-through and conversion rates across all your lists.

Effective Email Marketing for Lawyers, Part Two: The Tools - Attorney at Work

If you decide to tackle email marketing on your own (as opposed to outsourcing the task), there are many online services that promise to help you build beautiful templates quickly and easily while also managing and maintaining your mailing lists. These services have become significantly more user-friendly in the past few years, but it's still wise to take any promises for a spin before committing. So step number one is to look for sites that allow free trial subscriptions. ...