Myth 1 - Everyone doesn't need a site

This is a loaded myth because it's somewhat true. Sure! Grandma Smith doesn't need a site. The corner BP convenience store doesn't need (may not even

Myth 2 - The home page is the most important page

Here's another myth that is true... until it isn't. If you're just starting out and all you have is a home page, YES! Your home page is the most

Myth 3 - If you build it, they will come

Among the most insidious bits of misinformation is the "website of dreams" expectation: "If you build it, they will come." Again, there is a grain of

Myth 4 - The site should be perfect before you launch it

Truly one of the biggest road blocks to building a website is the person who does NOT want to be perceived as incompetent. Many sites die before