How come limit orders sometimes don't get executed even though there is a bidder for that price?

Answer (1 of 5): Every successful, executed transaction requires a seller and a buyer, as in all things in life. Stock orders come in different types but mostly categorised in two main ways:- 1. A market order gets executed when the best-available price is reached. 2. A limit order gets execute...

Is Bitcoin doomed? Why will miners keep running once all the Bitcoins have been mined?

Answer (1 of 46): The answer is: miners will, just like they do today. Besides awards for hashing, miners also earn transaction fees. Currently, these fees are not the primary incentive for miners as the amounts are tiny, only a fraction of a sent amount. However, as bitcoin awards go down, th...

Why is my Bitcoin transaction pending and not confirming?

If you are a daily Bitcoin user who sends and receives coins frequently chances are that you have run into a transaction that didn't confirm immediately the next block. There are two main reasons why

Irreversible Transactions - Bitcoin Wiki

In the literature on electronic cash, this property was often refer to as "solving the double-spending problem". Double-spending is the result of successfully spending some money more than once. Bitcoin users protect themselves from double spending fraud by waiting for confirmations when receiving payments on the blockchain, the transactions become more irreversible as the number of confirmations rises.

100 cryptocurrencies described in four words or less | TechCrunch

This list describes cryptocurrencies. Each gets four words. There are many. Some are landmarks. Some are scams. Hopefully this provides orientation.